March 03, 2012

Birthday Special:)

First off, I wanted to share with you a gorgeous card created for me by a fabulous friend Allison:)  (Love ya Allison!)  This arrived yesterday... trust Allison to be the person to actually get a birthday card where it is supposed to be before it is supposed to be there!  I am the WORST for sending birthday cards after people's birthdays:)

Well since today is the big day for me, you get the present!  Any orders placed either online or via email to me today will receive 20% off of their order!  This is in addition to the fabulous Sale-abration offers already being offered!  If you place your order online, I will reimburse you your 20% by mailing you out a cheque.

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Alison Day said...

Happy Birthday Ange! Your friend did such a nice job on this card. Love the tone on tone butterflies! I may have to case this - hope she doesn't mind!

Alison xx said...

Lucky you to get such a pretty card, I hope you had a great birthday.
I have awarded you a Leibster Blog Award for all the wonderful work you share on your blog. A xx

Natasha Hein said...

Happy Birthday! So then you don't mind receiving happy belated I too am bad at sending cards on time! Oooo another thing we have in common! ; )

Hope you had a wonderful day with friends and family!!

Take care..

Halliday said...

Happy belated Birthday Ange! Love ya! :))