September 19, 2009

Best Pillow Present EVER!!!!!!

I am giddy with excitement as I just came to the realization (duh) that I could use My Digital Studio to post some of my pics as Scrapbook pages instead of just a photo. I just killed two birds with one stone as another one of my Founder's Circle scrapbook pages is now ready! This took about 5 minutes to do and that was mostly because I keep playing instead of remaining focused on the the task at hand! I don't know about everyone else, but where I live in North Vancouver we get a lot of rain in the fall and spring and I have been DYING for a new pair of cool rain boots! My hubby laughed when I email him the photo when I got back to my room lastnight as I think he was relieved to see and end to the rain boot hunt I've been on for the past few months!

Another embarrassing Angela moment... when I arrived back in my room to these boots lastnight, I squealed with excitement and ran into the hall where a ton of other women were all screeching with excitement... in my excitement I forgot my room key and felt my stomach drop as I heard the door click behind me:) Typical Angela having to trek down to the front desk in bare feet and pajamas to beg for another room key (I had no ID).